Bristot India Plantation Mysore

Bristot India Plantation Mysore Coffee


India Plantation Mysore | Whole Bean

From the Bristot Grand Cru Single Origin Range

Origin: India

L’Indian Mysore “Plantation A” coffee comes from the Karnatak region of South West India and is grown at a height of 1200-1300 meters above sea level. The “Plantation A” refers to it being the highest grade of wet-processed India coffee. This full-bodied coffee offers hints of incense and Indian spices and delicate taste of chocolate.

  • Aroma: Hint of Indian spice and incense, pepper and flowers.
  • Acidity: Medium.
  • Body: Full.
  • Taste: Sweet with a delicate flavor of chocolate and spices.
  • 250g Whole Bean Coffee


About Bristot Grand Cru Mono-Origins

A range of pure-Arabica single origin coffees, selected from across the worlds’ leading coffee growing regions.

In order to taste pure coffee and discover unique and surprising flavors, we selected 5 Arabica gourmet coffees. Each coffee is processed in purity to enhance the aromas and tastes and bring out the organoleptic characteristics which distinguish them. Each Mono-Origin offers a journey through countries where the heat, the people, the land and its fragrances blend in coffee in one essence.

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