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Espresso Perfection
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Coffee Catcha | Reduce Coffee Grind Wastage

Save money every day! This metal ring is designed to be put on-top of your portafilter every tim..

€73.78 Ex Tax: €60.98

Yagua Compact Bench Scales

Large stainless steel platform, four easy to use function buttons and a green backlit display for a ..

€29.46 Ex Tax: €24.35

Mini Table Top Digital Scale

Popular mini scale with a raised platform and backlit display which is set at an angle for ease of v..

€19.63 Ex Tax: €16.22

Pressure Contolled Tamper (58mm)

Polished Stainless Steel Dynamometric Tamper, Made by Nuova Ricambi, Pretentioned to require..

€78.65 Ex Tax: €65.00

Tiamo Coffee Weighing Scale

Tiamo scale is easy to use and reads in grams, for perfect weighing of ground coffee, water and timi..

€54.11 Ex Tax: €44.72

Twin 3oz Espresso Jugs

  2 x 3oz small bell Espresso Jugs. Handy for extracting espresso shots on machines where a La..

€9.79 Ex Tax: €8.09

Premium Loose Grounds Barista Brush | Large

  A coffee grounds cleaning brush that removes all remaining coffee grounds from portafilter bask..

€7.82 Ex Tax: €6.46

Espresso Shot Measure Glass

Pirex Lined Shot Glass, Glass is Marked at: 1oz / 30ml 2oz / 60ml Test to ensure you..

€6.05 Ex Tax: €5.00

Digital Timer

Electronic Digital Timer, Test to ensure that Coffee is being properly extracted by timing the l..

€14.71 Ex Tax: €12.15

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